There are leaders, and then there's everyone else. At Primordial Strength Inc., we take immense pride in driving the sports performance industry standards forward, focusing on efficiency, quality, and safety. We coined explosive power enduranceand applied 7 years of developmental beta testing into a lifetime strength system.
No one ever complained about hiring the best.
Train to Win.


When you need a serious, precise scientific strength system , look no further than Primordial Strength Inc., America's leader in performance training. We innovate. We deliver. 


"There is a fine line for muscle capacity during training; the ability to recover and super compensate. As one trains the body muscle membranes begin to break down and intracellular components leak into the surrounding matrix causing muscle soreness.  The amount of volume and load put on our muscles creates the degree of damage to our muscle membranes.  As we continue to train our strength of membranes continues to build and strengthen till loads and volume minimally injure the membranes.  Training should be enough to challenge and stimulate the organism with  getting super-compensation with minimal membrane damage. Primordial Strength Systems has the principles of using explosive muscle endurance, explosive power, and flushing waved in and out to balance recovery and body growth.  Implementing these principles  provides strength with minimal injury because muscle weakness from over training will increase the shearing  effect of joints and decreasing stability, exposing the player to greater risk of injury.    The ability with proper  training recovery is the key to consistent training and increasing performance.  Train to Win. Period." - Dr. Shayne Baylis/Doc Hockey/Primordial Certified Hockey Coach Ottawa, Canada


Our standards are high. So high in fact, we're in a league of our own, moving our entire industry forward. Primordial Strength Inc. has become synonymous with the highest quality strength and conditioning design. The United States Marines at Camp Lejeune have certified in our system.
No one ever complained about having their combat preparation executed perfectly.
Train to Survive.



The fitness and strength and conditioning industry is full of fads that erode public trust and don't apply to those beyond the outliers.  Become an affiliate with the safest, scientific and artistic methods and equipment.


No one ever complained that we had too much integrity. Facilities that Thrive.

When you're dealing with a  strength and conditioning model  that applies over a lifetime, your approach can be the difference between moving forward and spinning your wheels. At Primordial Strength Inc., we're continually finding the best new advancements in training for life.  Primordial Certification surveys average 4.97/5.

 No one ever complained it was too precise.  Train to Coach.



"The Primordial Strength System was a tremendous success for us. All of our kids became faster and more explosive.  Many college coaches noticed on film how we hit and ran. The system helped us have one of our best teams."- Jerry Smith Head Football Coach St. Francis High School

january 1, 2015

New Certification Opportunities!

Coach Helmicki will be available to Certify school personnel and coaches in the Primordial Strength System on site or at our headquarters.  Dramatically impact your physical education departments and sports today!


"What Steve has done with Primordial is a game changer...his intricate knowledge and passion for our kids has been unbelievable...the results staggering...our kids were far more explosive, amazingly strong, more agile and our injury rates dwindled to next to nothing...a no brainer for any student athlete."- Dennis Gilbert Head Football Coach Saint Joseph's Collegiate Institute/Certified Primordial Strength Football Coach

"Steve brought my shoulder back from a level of having difficulty during patient visits to being able to shoot baskets for the first time in years. Implementing the Primordial Strength System with the Park School Basketball Team played an integral role in winning a championship.  After going through certification, if I wasn't a Doctor I would be working with him."- Dr. Michael Battaglia, Chief of Neurology, Buffalo Medical Group, Bill's and Sabre's Sports Teams, Certified Primordial Basketball Coach

"Steve: As head coach of the USMC

Camp Lejeune Base Football Team I want you to know that the Primordial Military Workouts obtained from you have been a tremendous success. Our Marine and Sailor Football Players have gained significant explosive power, endurance and agility. Primordial's 8 week running program allowed our players to report in great condition and gave us more time to work on installing a new offense.  Look forward to a continued relationship."- Len Kuhn Head Coach USMC Camp Lejeune Bulldogs/Certified Primordial Strength Systems Coach

" Thanks for giving us a better and safer way to train."- Len Jankiewicz Lancaster Athletic Director/Head Football Coach/Certified Primordial Coach

"Training in the Primordial Strength System approach has improved my musculature and explosiveness on the rugby pitch and MMA mats.  It is the most time and energy efficient way to train for athletes who work and practice.  The results continue to be impressive."- Chris Sedlak High School Psychologist, N.J./ Primordial Certified Coach

"Steve is one of only a handful of professionals in our area I would refer and trust any of my athletes and clients with.  He is an intelligent, caring, professional that "walks the walk" and is at the top of his game and only strives to get better every day."- Matthew Meyer Sports Therapist Buffalo Bandits Professional Lacrosse Team/ UBMD Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine/ Revive Performance and Health